Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba - again!

As my boys' birthdays are less than a week apart we have a combined birthday party. My way of overcompensating for this is to produce 2 birthday cakes. My youngest son turned 2 and like his older brother, has a penchant for all things Gabba. Having already pulled Brobee out of the bag last year, I decided to go for another character this time around - Toodee. The icing is a combination of butter cream (the darker blue) and ready-made fondant (the lighter blue and the white eyes and fangs). Toodee's eyes are completed with black spots, outline and eyelashes all cut from liquorice strap. Her mouth is also cut from liquorice strap. The cake itself is lemon butter cake - tangy and delicious and a nice alternative to the chocolate Peppa Pig cake.

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