Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jasmin One

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I love cooking but sometimes the cupboards are bare, my inspiration is low or I am just not in the mood. The challenge is to find a cheap, reliable alternative. We are regulars at Jasmin One, a fantastic, family-friendly Lebanese restaurant in Punchbowl, NSW. We can feed our greedy family of 4 (2 adults, a 3 year old and a 1 year old) on 1 mixed plate with chips ($20: $15 for the mixed plate and $5 for the chips). The mixed plate, as the name suggests, contains a mix of meats and vegetables, but is carefully laid out so as to allow the hungry vegetarian (me!) clear, meat-free access to all vegetarian components. As pictured above left, the mixed plate includes baba ganoush, homous, marinated chickpeas, tabouleh, grilled chicken, grilled lamb, kibbeh, Lebanese sausage and the best falafels I've ever eaten (so far). This is accompanied by pickles and condiments, including homemade intense garlic sauce, chilli sauce and tomato sauce for the (unnecessary, but delicious) chips.

If the idea of taking food from a plate that also contains meat grosses you out or if you are catering for more vegetarians and less omnivores, they also do a vegetarian mixed plate (right), which substitutes the meat with extra falafels, more tabouleh and a generous helping of foule (delicious, lemony, garlicky fava beans). If you want to grab something smaller and portable, for $6 they do tasty falafel rolls, consisting of their excellent falafels, pickles, salad and tahini sauce wrapped in Lebanese bread.

The service at Jasmin One is friendly and fast and they also have plenty of high chairs.

Jasmin One is located at 224 The Boulevarde in Punchbowl, (02) 9740 7866. It is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, but has limited hours during Ramadan.