Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vegetate on this: haloumi with red lentil, tomato & spinach dhal

My partner marvels at my ability to devour a cookbook or food magazine from cover to cover in mere minutes, whether vegetarian or not. I am a devoted fan of delicious. magazine, which does great food porn. They include vegetarian recipes in every edition, but even their non-vegetarian recipes lend themselves to this way of eating with some minor tweaking. As this recipe shows, just because it isn't vegetarian, doesn't mean you can't make it so (see the Chef's tip at the end).

Here's what my version looks like - this is one's on high rotation on my family table. I find I use slightly less stock (700mL) and garam masala (1 heaped teaspoon). The dhal is tasty by itself on rice (in fact, we do this for the kids so we can keep all the haloumi for ourselves, ba ha!).

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